Harmonia – Key’s 15th anniversary is confirmed

Been a while, 😀 haha I know … also happy fool days (well, it’s already late xD) speak about April fools, there’s an announcement in April 1 from key that they’re currently working on a new project for their 15th anniversary called Harmonia. at first, I thought this is some kind of joke that every developer do for April, but based on their previous announcement for Angel Beats, and the year before (Rewrite), I began to think that this is real, though I need to wait till the next day to make sure that this is real (well, is indeed real xD)

Announced the official site with only a PV and OST information, Itaru Hinoue still the lead designer (while Na Ga currently on work with the new Key-PA.Works anime project, and won’t be in this project) with planning by Sakikage, the story is (based on the PV from the site, sorry if it’s a poor interpret by me from that PV, I’m still learning Jap :D) about a machine young boy who happen to wake in a world he didn’t know, he walking in that world till he met a singing girl and began to live there. Other information such as the character (aside of the boy and the singing girl and a little girl with teddy in the end of the PV) are still need to wait 😀


Navel’s Tsukiyori sequel has been confirmed

Yep, the second season … haha I mean the sequel of the previous series Tsuki ni yorisou Otome no Sahou (and the spin off Ecole de Paris) has been confirmed by Navel yesterday (well … this 2nd also a part of the celebration of the 10 anniversary). Announced for the first time at Dengeki Hime, site open yesterday with lots of info and some campaign, though I’m too lazy to read all of the info 😀 (maybe I should waiting the trial version come out first) I don’t know about the protagonist or the heroine …

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[Galge News] New peek around this week

Well … before the list of August coming out, I think we could take a little peek of some title that currently listed as upcoming galge for later time (TBA), Around this week (and some week ago :D) there’re some announcement for new upcoming galge that currently on work by some developer, though most of them are new developer … and almost all of them still in status of TBA (to be announced).

The first upcoming galge come from Hulotte, the one who made With Ribbon in 2011 (that galge is moe indeed :3), which already open the teaser site without any information (even the title) posted. Apparently the official site will be open in the end of August (well, just wait :D)

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[Galge News] A continuation? … or …

… or maybe just like Flyable Candy Heart (that’s more like a fandisc than a sequel, though I hope it would like Mayuri’s game :3)

But it seems the story still continue about fighting (or maybe solving) the Mist (Misto) problem and other magic phenomenal in Tenbinrori Gakuen (am I wrong??). With adding new event (of story) and new characters, Zanei no Yoru ga Akeru Toki will be Blossom’s 6th project so far :3 and because this is also a part of Clockwork Ley-line series the staff is still the same (I have a little hope that Itou sensei could give her character here :p but … that’s too much I think xD)

Release Date? well … just wait until they fully open the banner corner xD

[Galge News] The new Material Brave and a sweet sound of a Kissbell … plus a ZERO

While waiting for Anoore in 28th, lets take a little peek on their 2 new project :>

First is Metal Brave Ignition. This game is a sequel … hmm 😕 … more precisely is a new chapter of the previous Baldr Force Metal Brave. Adding a new story each heroine, new mystery and new enemy, plus 😕 it seem Ena Kuraki will also had her new story in this game (that’s the why she is on the cover xD).

Gameplay is still the same as the previous one, but the developer promise a new dungeon system for more fun. Some changes also includes more advances costume and accessories equipment (so we can make our own custom character :-?). The site open in last August, announced in PUSH and Tech Gian September edition, further info will coming soon but some other info you can access here
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[Galge News] Studio Ryokucha’s new project and the cabbit’s 2nd work

祝福 の 鐘 の 音 は,

桜色 の 風 と 共に

“Shukufuku no kane no oto ha, sakurairo no kaze to tomo ni” is the next project of Studio Ryokucha, developer that made Koiiro sora mo you, one of 20 best sales galge in 2010, and Koiiro sora mo you: after happiness and extra hearts, one of the 20 best galge in 2011 (according to getchu xD). Appearing in TechGian and Push august edition (released in june, 21) magazine, they planning to release this on October 26, 2012, while the site already open in June 22, there’s no other info except story and character on the site.

It seem the artist is different from the previous one 😕 though I hope this one as good as their previous work (Koi Iro Sora mo You) 😀

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[Galge News] Little peek again :>

Little peek again for today ^.^

<Update> Let start with those 5 heroine (above) from upcoming untitled 12th project of Hook. Site open from April 18, and already announced officially at TechGian June edition (the magz released at April 20)

… other info … still none (xD)

And just like Windmill and Paretto, you will found only heroine silhouette on the official site (click pic above) 😀

Next is …
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[Galge News] A Little Peek ^.^

<Update> Celebrate their 10 anniversary, Windmill present their fans 2 gift of new project … first is Kamigakari Cross Heart” which already announced a long time ago 😀 and be on market at 25 this month (this year) … second is … <that picture above> … a project called “Witch’s Garden” 😕

What is that? a galge, or … ??

Well … the answer is obvious (of course xD). Koocha will handle the art, and they planning to release this on summer (seems like so) … other info … still none for now xD even the official site only give you a ‘comming soon’ banner ^.^

ok … thats from Windmill (did you think it’s over? … no … not yet xD)

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[Galge News] New from GIGA

After we’ve got Material Brave last month … soon we well got Manami >.< err … I mean GIGA’s new project “Anoko ha Ore Kara Hanarenai” (the tittle sound cute >.<). Planning to release this year, though the date still unsure, Push magazine (April edition) already introduced this project.

Just visit their official site (picture above) though the extra and download corner still “coming soon”, I think this will be a worth game to play (and seems like the story looks cute too >.<)

All the chara is cute >.< maybe because it’s Niro art 😕