[Galge List] of June (2014)

Back with a list that is suppose to posted in June (but it turn posted in July instead, sorry ^.^) with 3 big title coming in June, parretto’s title Koi ga Sakukoro Sakura Doki maybe is the most anticipated title in June. The game that they’re already announced it 2 years ago (yep, it’s been 2 years since their open the site in public for the first time with only a character silhouette on it ^-^). Following parreto, there’s caramel-box’s Semirami no Tenbin, a new project from the maker of that phenomenal trap galge Otoboku (but this new game isn’t a trap game :D) and GIGA’s newest Harvest Overlay. The rest are Aries game Scramble Lovers, and ID’s game Love Relation

[paretto] Koi ga Sakukoro Sakura Doki


[caramel-box] Semirami no Tenbin


[ID] Love Relation

I.D. - 『ラブリレーション』

[Aries] Scramble Lovers

スクランブル・ラバーズバナー 710px×120px

[GIGA] Harvest Overlay


paretto’s game is worth to play 🙂 and caramel gives some different theme, GIGA is somehow gives a feeling “not different with their previous work”, while Aries a bit doubt and ID’s game is completely new (for me, well I never played their game before), but compare to other’s galge that also came out in June, those 5 is worth to try 😀


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