[Galge List] for November

It’s November and November is winter, though in my country there’s no such a thing called winter -__- My brain keep flooding me with  all the dream about end year holiday and Christmas while my body always wake me up with their stress in real life :v but it can’t be helped … it’s November already … one month before the end of this twelve :3

well … that’s that and this is our business :> November list of galge, though … after I take a peek on this month releases, not much that catch my eyes :/ except Windmill’s Witch Garden and GIGA’s KissBell and what the hell is that Little Busters Perfect Edition??? :O they re-released their old game with some bonus just because the animation currently airing 😕 if the content still the same as EX then what’s the point of having PE? (though I love the bonuses their offer in PE ^.^)

More delicious things comes in December, but before that we need to pass through this month first (be ready for the space and money ^.^)…

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[Galge List] for October

I’m sorry … yes I know, I’ve been busy with my work lately that I almost forgot about my own blog 😦 (it sound like an excuse now that I frequently said sorry ^-^;) It should be in the beginning of this month but lets start the list now xD

As usual, galge is never end so I hope you wont get bored that every month this blog will give you a galge list 😀 well, for this month, not much title released in market (and again don’t ask about nukige because that genre almost never absent every month xD) and for this month, all the good (or considered good by me :p) are coming in October 26, includes some big title such as Navel’s Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome wo Sahou, Marmalade’s Koiiro Mariage, and Studio Ryokucha’s Shukufuku no Kanenone wa Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni

The rest of the list is here

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[Galge List] for September

In the beginning of the autumn season (or maybe it’s already start in some countries), galge player would be delighted (and a little stressed about the hdd space for anyone that has less than 1T …. just like me ^.^) for this month releases. Some of the big tittle came to market, make this month more merrier ^.^ and maybe few of you also had to wait them for a long time in addition the fact that we had no choice but face the delay announcement from the developer ^^;

Compare to August (and the month before), September is really a something 😀 (not to count the nukige of course :)). The storm began in the September 14 with Jirai-Soft’s Tsuisou no Ogumento, after a few days (with some nukige releases) in 21st is the debut of Mignonne’s MISTAKE X MISCAST, and then the rest of the releases came in 28th. Well, not all the title that I put in my list below, one of them event didn’t have a site (Mignonne) so no banner for the list :p, one of them is blocked (well you know … outside Japan cannot access ^.^) just like Applique’s Re: birth colony -Lost azurite-, and the other one is a fandisc or something like that from PeasSoft “Kimi o Aogi Otome ha Hime ni PLUS”

The rest of the list is here :>

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[Galge List] for August

Not much big title come in this August, some of them are the delayed games that supposed to released in some previous month, such as Favorite’s Irotoridori no Hikari (new date release at August 31), Propeller’s Tokyo Babel (new date  release at August 31)Sphere’s Imouto no Kartachi (new date release at August 31), and Bonbon’s Hin wa boku ra no Fukunokami (new date release at August 24). The only big thing for this month is Ocelot’s new game “不死鬼譚 きゅうこん – 千年少女” (Fushi Oni Tan Kyukon – Chitose Shoujo) and Light’s Dies Irae series “Amantes Amentes” (the PC version of the PSP game that already released at June). As usual, Mostly come near the end of august, except some title that came in the beginning, like Type Moon’s Mahou Tsukai ni Yoru regular edition and Lump of Sugar’s 学☆王 It’s Heartful Days (a fandisc of the previous “The Royal Seven Star”)

Well … the list are here :> (I already post some of the game that delayed before, so I won’t add it on this month list, except Favorite’s game that I forgot to add in last month list :D)

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[Galge List] for July 2012

July … the month that most of the fans would be delighted, of course … some big names with their big title (depend on market sale) will come in this month, though the storm will began in the middle (of the month). As usual, in the early of July only some nuki ge that comes to market. Pulltop’s galge “Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete” reguler edition come in the middle (though the limited edition is already out in may … sorry my miss -_-), and some of the big (most waited) title come in near end of the month, such as Tokei Jikake no Ley-line (unisonshift blossom), Guilty Crown: Lost X-mas and ReWrite Harvest Festa (Key)

most of the galge for July release in 27, and of course I wont forget my list 😀 though maybe some of this will be your fav too:
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[Galge List] for June 2012

姉さんに恋をして、姉さんも恋をして、姉さんと恋をした。 アステリズム 応援中!June is coming now ^.^ well because of my late comeback, I miss the previous galge in May, but lets start it from this Month.

In this month, we won’t had a good galge in the beginning (well there is some, but most of it are nuki-ge or the series that only focus on ero, instead of story ^^;), but near the end of the month, most of the good series come to market (of course depend on their developer which sometimes delay it) and all of them released in 29, except a repack of Da Capo II PC & DC II To You (a side story of Da Capo) and RE:Therapy from Kogado Studio in 28. (What about console game/VN?? … well for now console is out of my question ^.^)

Here is my list, and maybe some of it are your fav series ^.^/

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