[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Tokohana

Another good single released yesterday after the 3rd Claris album that’s also out yesterday, yanagi nagi coming with her newest single Tokohana. It’s basically an ending for the ‘currently aired’ anime series Black Bullet (while the OP theme already out last month) and would be her (if I’m not mistaken :-/ ) 12th single so far (exclude her work in collaboration with other singer) 😀

Contains of 6 track with half of it are instrumental, as I said before the first track is used for the Black Bullet ending theme which is also used as the single title, while the rest are new songs. The single out with 2 different edition, the regular and the limited edition which include a DVD video (music video) as a bonus.

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[Music In-View] Mikako Komatsu – Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita


Maybe a bit late, but finally … the single that I’ve waiting all the day after watching Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, perform by this cutie Komatsu Mikako it’s an ending theme single of the anime series. With title Owaranai Melody o Utai dashimashita it was already released at July 24, 2013 by King Records in two form, Limited Edition and Regular Edition, this single would be the 3rd single so far for Komatsu Mikako, after her first album release in February (Thee Futures) this would also be her first single in 2013.

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[Music In-View] ChouCho – Sora to Kimi no Message


Following the yesterday Music In-View, another good single coming to my Playlist (and my recommend list :p). Another my fav singer, Choucho with her 7th and the latest single Sora to Kimi no Message. While the previous one “Dream Riser” (Girls und Panzer OP Theme) basically released in 2012, so this single is her first single that release in 2013 (May, 22 released under Lantis). The single only contains 2 songs and 2 off vocal instrumentals
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[Music In-View] Yanagi Nagi – Yukitoki


… been a while 😀 … I don’t have any reason (and I don’t want to make any) for now, just … I feel that “a bit lost” ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ
set aside, this season filled with so much good anime and their music (as well) ^.^ and … with all the good music/ost out there, the Yahari ore no seishun rabukome wa machigatteiru OP Theme has caught my eyes … or should I say, my ears. It’s not because the song is good (ah … don’t misunderstand, it is a good song indeed), because the singer also delight me ^.^/
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[Music In-View] LiSA – crossing field (SAO op)

Opening theme of Sword Art Online, perform by LiSA and release at August 8, 2012 under Aniplex, to complete the anime series that currently aired this season. This also one of 2 single that I anticipated this season (of course the first one I already posted a few days ago :p). This single contain of 3 songs and 1 TV-version song. There is a little different of the content track between this single (limited SAO edition) with the Limited and Regular edition (more precisely the 3rd song is different) … well basically, LiSA single released in 3 edition, the one that the cover looks like pic above is the Limited SAO edition, and then the Limited Edition (with cover featuring LiSA on it) and the Regular Edition (that without DVD)

and here’s the tracklist

01. crossing field

02. Itsuka no Tegami

03. Kawaranai Ao (SAO Edition) / KiSS me PARADOX (Limited/Regular Edition)

04. crossing field TV-ver (SAO Edition) / crossing field Instrumental (Limited/Regular Edition)

Plus 1 DVD crossing field non-credit opening (SAO Edition) or 1 DVD crossing field music clip (Limited Edition, because the Regular Edition came without DVD)

Gain the popularity in Girls Dead Monster performance (if you know Angel Beats, then you also familiar with GDM xD) made the solo debut in 2011, she is also the vocalist of a rock band Love is Same All.

And she will come to Indonesia (AFA September), damn …. if only I live in Jakarta 😦 (I want to see her live performance)

[Music In-View] Haruka Tomatsu – Yume Sekai

Been a while since my last post in music category (Claris – irony that posted in 2010 xD) and because I’m currently watching Sword Art Online, I want to recommend a single from Haruka Tomatsu titled Yume Sekai which also the Ending Theme of Sword Art Online TV Anime. Released in July 25, 2012 under Sony Music label, these single contains only 2 song and 1 instrumental

Track List

01. Yume Sekai (ユメ セカイ)

02. Issai Gassai

03. Yume Sekai (Instrumental)

This cutie became famous when she take the role as Nagi in Kannagi and also perform Kannagi’s OP and ED theme (both are great single >.<). Now she is a well known seiyuu (with many role in anime) and a famous singer, and also a member of a seiyuu group Sphere. In Sword Art Online anime she take the role of main heroine Asuna  and perform the ending theme of that anime (currently the OP theme is yet to released)

Really … this single is great … err I mean the first song Yume Sekai >.< ever since I heard it the first time I watch the anime, I immediately in love with it xD maybe the best anime theme this season so far (to me :p) click the cover above for Haruka Tomatsu official site

but honestly the second song isn’t my like, though 😀

ClariS – irony

A new single from new promising group (or a duo to be correct) xD

ClariS with their new debut single, irony. It’s basically an opening theme for “the currently on air” anime series, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai (my lil sis, can’t be this cute xD), and was released at October 20, 2010. This single contains of 3 song and 1 mix tv size

and here’s the tracklist

01. irony

02. Kokoro no Inryoku

03. Neo Moon

04. irony -TV Mix-

first debut for the two junior high-school girl, Clara and Alice (both in second grade ^^), ClariS name was originaly from their initials, at first it was Clarice, but then they shorted it to ClariS 😕 … well … just read their bio on ClariS site

good single =D … if you like the anime, i think you will like this single too xD

(thx to nipponsei for the single xD)

Yukari Tamura – Oshiete A to Z

Opening and Ending single from B Gata H Kei series (anime) 😀 title Oshiete A to Z and performed by Tamura Yukari, release at April 28, 2010 by King Record

Here’s the tracklist

01. Oshiete A to Z

02. Hadashi no Princess

03. Namida no Loop

well … this single a bit cute (I think xD) not bad for a collection :3 instead, if you like Tamura Yukari’s cute voice, then you must get this xD

thx to LonE for this cute single :3

1. Oshiete A to Z
2. Hadashi no Princess
3. Namida no Loop

Girls Dead Monster – Crow Song (Angel Beats! Insert Song)

Angel Beats! insert song, turn to be a single xD, Crow Song and performed by Girls Dead Monster, a band that working under SSS 😀 in Angel Beats! anime, consisting of 4 member (Iwasawa, Hisako, Irie, Sekine) + 1 assistant (Yui)

Release at April 23, 2010 by key sound label, all vocal and chorus by marina while Jun Maeda write and compose all the song


01. Crow Song

02. Alchemy

03. My Song

supercell – Sayonara Memories

new single from supercell 😀 after their last major single Kimi no shiranai monogatari (Bakemonogatari Ending Single that was released at August 11, 2009). As usual (and as expected from supercell) their music, also with nagi‘s voice is really the best combination, and thanks to ryo‘s arrangement, music and lyric, this single is as good as Bakemonogatari ED single 😀

Titled Sayonara Memories, released by Sony Music Record (the same studio that also released Bakemonogatari ED single) at February 10, 2010, though some mixing and recording also involving other studios (such as Warner Music, and SIGN). This single contains of 3 songs and 2 instrumentals

the tracklist

01. Sayonara Memories

02. Oshiete Ageru

03. Yakusoku wo Shiyou

04. Sayonara Memories – Instrumental –

05. Oshiete Ageru – Instrumental –

of all the three song in this single, I prefer Sayonara Memories the most xD (my favorite, after listening once … I immediately  liked). ah … thx to LonE again for the single :3