Harmonia – Key’s 15th anniversary is confirmed

Been a while, 😀 haha I know … also happy fool days (well, it’s already late xD) speak about April fools, there’s an announcement in April 1 from key that they’re currently working on a new project for their 15th anniversary called Harmonia. at first, I thought this is some kind of joke that every developer do for April, but based on their previous announcement for Angel Beats, and the year before (Rewrite), I began to think that this is real, though I need to wait till the next day to make sure that this is real (well, is indeed real xD)

Announced the official site with only a PV and OST information, Itaru Hinoue still the lead designer (while Na Ga currently on work with the new Key-PA.Works anime project, and won’t be in this project) with planning by Sakikage, the story is (based on the PV from the site, sorry if it’s a poor interpret by me from that PV, I’m still learning Jap :D) about a machine young boy who happen to wake in a world he didn’t know, he walking in that world till he met a singing girl and began to live there. Other information such as the character (aside of the boy and the singing girl and a little girl with teddy in the end of the PV) are still need to wait 😀


Happy Valentine >_<

here’s my old work with photoshop (3 years ago xD) featuring a character from Little Busters series Rin Natsume, but the artwork isn’t the official art from Na-GA instead from Sakuraneko. Check out the Gallery >_<

[Galge News] around January

Happy New Year …. though  its already that late ^.^ While I’m away (from the Internet for a while) it seem some interesting things coming up around December to January, the big one that made me excited is the Key project on bringing Angel Beats to the world of Visual Novel … well, this rumor is already come out long enough … still, it made me more excited after the official site announced at Dec 27, 2013 (3 days after my last Dec update list post, and my vacation time ^.^)


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[Anime News] Little Buster PV and Official Site open

Open in sunday and confirm at ANN, Little Busters anime get near their debut on television. The official site (click the pic above) open with a promotional video which is possibly an opening video for the anime series that … planned to release at this fall 😕

New cast added according to ANN for Rikki Naoe and Sasami Sasasegawa are Horie Yui for Rikki and Sora Tokui for Sasami … (hmm … Hocchan as Rikki, I wonder if she will act like when she cast Mizuho in Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteiru :-?) while other cast is still the same as in the galge series 😀 and seem like there is a character that isn’t participate in this anime 😦

about the PV itself … is it my eyes or it’s true that the animation in PV is a bit (I won’t say it bad … ups, I said it) “not good enough” for an anime that is from Key’s :O even though the opening PV is similar with the galge opening … oh well, I just hope JC Staff really (really) didn’t ruin this anime in their TV debut :<

btw, here is the op (also available in the official site)

[Galge News] Annoucement of the most waited game from Key

The most waited work from Key 😀

official site of Key already announced that, they’ve planning to release ReWrite at April 28, 2011 (next year). Well, it is only a matter of time, as the ReWrite Demo itself already released (along with Little Buster fandisk, Kudo Wafuta) in August 😀

so … let’s wait for this “another great work” … of course … with the collaboration of Romeo Tanaka (you must know Yume Miru Kusuri), Ryukishi07 (is there anyone that didn’t know about this who made Higurashi and Umineko??) and Key (… no comment … lol :D) that – if you think about it – it was already past 2 years, after they announced at Dengeki G’s magz for the first time in (if i’m not mistaken) 2008

[Galge News] Kudo Wafuta (Kud Wafter)

so … where’s ReWrite? O_o

Key’s new project, as you can see … it’s Kudriyavka Noumi from Little Busters! (and Little Busters! Ecstasy), seems like this is her only story, I mean, a fandisk or something like that, about Kudo (well … I’m a fans of her so I’m looking forward to this xD)

only Kudo!? … well … from what I saw in their Official Site, I think the main Heroine only Kudo (with Riki as the male protagonist)

Artwork still Na Ga 😀

they also held a talk show about KudoWafu (and the scheduled sale) in Akiba Square (Akibahara) at April 3, 2010, even the winner participant will get some limited souvenir (I really want to Akibahara right now ;_;) detail about the event in Key official site or here

looking forward to this (of course) though the release date still TBA (waiting for the release date from that event) 😀

UPDATE: they announced the release date 😀 at game official site, and it would be on June 25, 2010, also … they adding other chara information, besides of Kudo and Riki, another loli and an adult woman (maybe sub characters :D) also … :O … they’ll give ReWriteTrial Version!! along with this game packaged!!? O_o