Alice graduate from Claris

Today as usual, I’m wandering looking for something interesting (about galge and some music stuff) and accidentally found out a big news (for me as their fans :O it’s a bit late though, still … it’s shocking me! O_o) that Alice will be graduate from Claris (graduate … yes I prefer graduate rather than leave … it’s also what she said in her message 😦 ) Sony Music Entertainment as their label records already confirm that in May 26 (wow, I didn’t notice that … why didn’t I found it sooner -_- )  and the 3rd album Party Time would be Alice’s last album as a member of Claris T_T . It appear that Alice would want to concentrate on her study first as what she said in her message to the fans in Claris official site Continue reading


[Music In-View] Claris – Party Time

It’s only 2 month after the last single “STEP” released in April which is basically a single for the Anime series Nisekoi that also airing around that season (If I’m not mistaken, Nisekoi is on the spring anime season category, while today season for anime are categorized as summer), now this lovely duo came with their newest and 3rd album so far 😀

The 3rd is called Party Time … yeah let’s party 😀 … while this should be release in April 4, 2014 but the Limited Edition (with DVD) already “launched” yesterday (or maybe 2 days ago, even in are available for purchase 🙂 ) though the regular edition and 1 special edition will be release tomorrow (pre order already open though :p). The regular still contains only their 12 track without any bonuses, while the limited will be with 1 DVD contains of PV for “colorful” (Madoka Magica Movie), “CLICK” and “STEP” (Nisekoi OP theme) and some “stuff” 😀
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[Music In-View] Claris – Second Story

0001_Copy I still remember the first time I heard “irony”, the first single release from this duo. While watching oreimo, the opening take my interest and began to think “nice op” then searching through the internet and found out the singer name “claris”, not only that, it turn out that this duo in their first debut to the J-Pop and anime music industry with “irony”, is only a junior high school student … I mean 2 junior high students (now I think they’re already senior high) ^.^ using the “anon status” with initial Clara + Alice = Claris, they’ve success to release 7 singles and 2 albums so far … good result, considering they’re still high school students (even some of their single listed in top ten Oricon Monthly Singles and Albums last year) 😀 Continue reading

ClariS – irony

A new single from new promising group (or a duo to be correct) xD

ClariS with their new debut single, irony. It’s basically an opening theme for “the currently on air” anime series, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai (my lil sis, can’t be this cute xD), and was released at October 20, 2010. This single contains of 3 song and 1 mix tv size

and here’s the tracklist

01. irony

02. Kokoro no Inryoku

03. Neo Moon

04. irony -TV Mix-

first debut for the two junior high-school girl, Clara and Alice (both in second grade ^^), ClariS name was originaly from their initials, at first it was Clarice, but then they shorted it to ClariS 😕 … well … just read their bio on ClariS site

good single =D … if you like the anime, i think you will like this single too xD

(thx to nipponsei for the single xD)