[Galge List] for September 2013

Oops … It’s already near the end of September O_o

September means the start of autumn (in some country, though not in my country ^.^) but for galge player, September means another thrilling month with 2 most anticipated title has finally come >_<. GIGA’s Baldr Sky Zero and Age’s Muv Luv Alternative Chronicle 04, the two big franchise (Baldr series and MuvLuv series) with so many title and spin off released, following the success of both of their original series ^_^;

Yet, this month list isn’t about that 2 franchise above. Enlivened by those two, September also had a plenty of good title coming to the list, from some well known developer such as Chuable, MoonStone, Saga Planets, and Rosebleu, though maybe the focus of almost all galge fans would be on those 2 😀 …

well, lets see what’s inside of September …
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[Galge List] for September

In the beginning of the autumn season (or maybe it’s already start in some countries), galge player would be delighted (and a little stressed about the hdd space for anyone that has less than 1T …. just like me ^.^) for this month releases. Some of the big tittle came to market, make this month more merrier ^.^ and maybe few of you also had to wait them for a long time in addition the fact that we had no choice but face the delay announcement from the developer ^^;

Compare to August (and the month before), September is really a something 😀 (not to count the nukige of course :)). The storm began in the September 14 with Jirai-Soft’s Tsuisou no Ogumento, after a few days (with some nukige releases) in 21st is the debut of Mignonne’s MISTAKE X MISCAST, and then the rest of the releases came in 28th. Well, not all the title that I put in my list below, one of them event didn’t have a site (Mignonne) so no banner for the list :p, one of them is blocked (well you know … outside Japan cannot access ^.^) just like Applique’s Re: birth colony -Lost azurite-, and the other one is a fandisc or something like that from PeasSoft “Kimi o Aogi Otome ha Hime ni PLUS”

The rest of the list is here :>

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