[Galge News] A New Project from N+

N+ new project title Axanael, though the site won’t open until June 2010, but they already announced that site a few hours ago, link on the pic above 😀 Status … Coming Soon 2010 😀


[Galge News] A New Project from N+

Full Metal Daemon – MURAMASA –


when i’m just wondering around in every galge developer site (just for fun … well … i’m bored waiting for my download stuff to be finished) i found this :O

O_o first i saw this i just speechless

a new born from one of the most famous galge developer Nitro+ xD (but why the title name use Full Metal xD just like Full Metal Alchemist or Panic xD)

though they said that this series will be released at October 30 this year (2009) but how can i miss this news till now x) or maybe N+ them self that keeping this series from being leaked to public (to the fans)

Anyway, this just a happy thing for all the N+ fans out there, though it’s seem the information a bit blurry (but i think this is a galge xD). Let’s hope that this series really release at that date xD

official site is already been released several month ago on http://www.fmd-muramasa.com/