[Galge News] Navel’s New Project

This year Navel’s new project 🙂 had been announced … first is Sekai Seifuku Kanojo ~ the world is mine ~ (sorry if i’m wrong spelling it :D). An original series from Navel, with main artwork still Aoi Nishimata 😀 release date and other info followed later, except character and little synopsis that can be accessed on the site (link in the pic above :D)

the second is … Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa nai After Story 😀 … a sequel of the previous game?

also don’t forget about Marriage Royal PSP edition next Month (April 22, 2010) ;_; (didn’t have PSP)


[PSP] Yoake Mai Yori Ruriiro Na – Portable –

blessed for those who have a PSP, especially for August game fans, as soon, their famous series Yoake Mai Yori Ruriiro Na would be available in portable version (PSP) ;_;

well … This is only a ported from the PS2 version, so it can be practically the same as PS2 version of Yoake, from the story to characters (though the title isn’t too good to hear xD they only added ‘portable’ title after the main title).

release date is still uncertain, but it probably at February next year, published by Aria (August console division) and Kadokawa (what!? … why is there Kadokawa O_o)

Japanese Version only (I doubt they’ll made the English version soon, though it isn’t impossible in the future) 🙂

detail on Aria official site or the game official site (click on the pic above)

later, some galge that ported to portable system, some of it go to PSP ;_;
(maybe I should buy one too :p)

Update … this game will be released at February 25, 2010 :3

Sakakibara Yui – Unmei no Farfalla (X360 Steins;Gate ED Single)

Ending single from Nitro+ newest game/visual novel in console (Xbox 360) title Steins;Gate. Performed by (guess who!? xD) Sakakibara Yui, and was released (1 day before her Evergreen) at November 25, 2009 by 5pb

contains of 3 song and 2 off vocal song

01. Unmei no Farfalla

02. Masquerade -NOAH Daisanshou Retsuou Shinseikihen Yori-

03. Nageki no Arabesque -Single Limited Version-

04. Unmei no Farfalla (off Vocal)

05. Masquerade -Noa Daisanshou Retsuou Shinseikihen Yori- (off Vocal)

the game itself was release 2 month ago at Xbox 360 (October 15, 2009) though still in Japan (Jap version). It said that this is a sequel of Chaos;Head (take 1 year after the event in C;H), but … dunno if the PC version of this game also available (well … I hope they’ve made/port it soon :p)

well … just enjoy the single 😀 … (can’t enjoy the game, cause didn’t have a Console ;_;)